Reflecting on a Decade of Dedication - Melina Clark!

by: Melina Clark

"These past ten years at Sparkflight Studios (SFS) flew by. SFS was my first architectural job, and I could not have asked for a more fantastic mentor than Anne. I have learned so much from her, including honesty, integrity, and hard work. Architecture is not an easy career, but it is worth it when you have meaningful projects.  

My favorite project to date is the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority (SNRHA) Wardelle Street Townhouse project. I genuinely enjoy working on affordable housing. There is a significant need for affordable housing in this Valley and across the United States. Wardelle Street Townhouses provide 57 units for families or individuals in need. These units have market-rate amenities, which help the tenants feel pride and care for their homes.  


Wardelle Street Townhouses was my first ground-up project, which is incredibly exciting as a designer. Having an opportunity to help shape a piece of land that benefits the community is my reason for choosing architecture. Helping people and satisfying a genuine need in the community brings me an incredible amount of satisfaction.       


I am forever grateful for Anne and all my colleagues to-date."  

For more information about the Wardelle Street Townhouse project click here.

The staff at Sparkflight Studios wishes Melina a 

Happy 10 Year Work Anniversary!

left to right: Natalie Perez, Gabi Fernandez, Anne Johnson, and Melina Clark


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