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Earth Day 2019 - Project Drawdown

Often to mark Earth Day, we list some local events that contribute to the "greening" of our valley and list sustainable actions that we can all take.  Scroll down for that content... This year the post is direr. Or, more hopeful depending on your disposition.  Small actions are wonderful, but not enough.  Mega steps are required if we want our next generations to be able to harvest food from the oceans,  live in our coastal cities, and enjoy the diversity of fauna and flora that we do now.  There is no Planet B. Today we see increasing extreme weather events and overwhelming scientific evidence of an anthropogenic-accelerated climate change. As designers and occupants of this amazing planet, we must take responsibility for our role in the acceleration.  Other than designing for " resilience ," what can be done to reverse global warming and related impacts?  Get informed.  Take action. Here is the evidence that it is happening: Global temperature rise