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Green Baby Blues

After a month of living with a newborn son, I've been struck by just how non-Eco-friendly having a baby is. The amount of water consumption and ability to create gobs of waste are especially troubling.  Of course, we're thrilled to have our new little tyke for other reasons! Here are a few ways we've found to reduce that footprint: 1) reuse clothing through our personal network and resale stores such as Kid to Kid , 2) use cloth/reusable diapers ( FuzziBuns is our favorite), 3) invest in Energy Star low water and power use equipment for all of that laundry you'll be doing, 4) use a solar dryer when possible, 5) use gently used furnishings--and pay it foward when you're done with them, 6) take advantage of all that time at home and create your own food via gardening and composting (the best local produce you can get!), and 7) use a toy subscription like Baby Plays (makes a great gift too).