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Work Samples

click to enlarge images It Becomes Her , Steel (2016) 7"h x 22"w x 8.5"d My intention for this piece is to evoke a female nature including generative, biological and botanical motifs such as seashells, ribs, branches, kelp, and curves.  Skin and structure create a layering and interplay between transparency and opacity...mystery and discovery…softness over strength.  Different aspects of the form are revealed when it is rotated into three different positions of equilibrium. Skin has primacy over the means of connection to the structure. Gaze , Wood (2016) 59"h x 24"w x 30"d Contained within an abstracted camera tripod, this piece toys with viewers' expectations of an objectifying gaze.  Seats are placed at each side of the "camera," and when participants interact with the sculpture they discover that they are also viewed.  Eyes meet for a brief, and potentially dangerous, intimate moment.