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Current Homeowner Trends - Fall 2008

Even as everyone is tightening their belts due to the economy, we're seeing some encouraging "green" trends with homeowner investments. (1) Investment in special features is topped by Energy Efficiency such as alternative and increased insulation. Approaches include SIPS (structural insulated panels), rigid or recycled batt insulation, retrofit blown-in insulation, and radiant barriers. Special function rooms aren't as popular, but home offices still top the list. Telecommuters and small businesses head this carbon-footprint-reducing trend. Home systems and technology purchases are motivated by Energy Management and Green Features including: solar panels, geothermal heating/cooling, water reclamation, air purification, and automated lighting controls. Additionally, 60-88% of respondents valued Home Energy Efficiency Products such as tankless water heaters, double- and triple-glazed windows, water-conserving devices, and recycled materials. Despite current financing