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Greening Our Office: Part 3

Our green office status is an ever-evolving process.   It’s fun and challenging to discover new ways to create more sustainability and reduce waste. We have taken our inspiration from the Harvard University Office for Sustainability (HUOS) , which created Leaf level checklists for “Green Office” recognition for its colleges and departments.   The concepts and procedures can be adapted by any size business to develop practices that reduce office resource consumption while boosting the bottom line in small and large ways.   At Anne Johnson, AIA , we are currently pursuing HUOS Leaf Three, which incorporates reviewing all actions from Leafs One and Two to keep us on track.   To participate at Leaf Three level, we have updated our employee manual to include information about our office environmental policies and goals.   We have also established a composting program in our office as part of our commitment to sustainability.   Routinely, we revisit our commitment to reduce, reus