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Green Drinks Las Vegas Celebrates 2 Years

Green Drinks Las Vegas celebrated its 2-year anniversary last Thursday at the Springs Preserve. It was a great turnout with more than 70 attendees, the new logo unveiling, and a preview of Green Living Nevada magazine. The coming year promises to be an exciting one with Green Drinks' vision to be the preferred hub for individuals and businesses to connect over a common green interest. Check out Green Drinks for yourself each 2nd Thursday of the month, 6:00-7:30 pm at the Springs Cafe by Wolfgang Puck at the Springs Preserve . Or join the Facebook group. Logo design courtesy of Anne Johnson AIA .

Building Permits Impact Home Sales

As design professionals, building permits are a standard requirement for our projects. However, we sometimes have clients that question the utility and value of the process.  Getting a permit is worthwhile.  Consider the following reasons: A licensed and bonded contractor will get a permit if required by the work. Using a licensed and bonded contractor protects you through the Nevada State Contractors Board . A permit review helps to ensure that the construction meets current building codes*. Real estate transactions discover un-permitted work, resulting in requirements for retroactive permits prior to appraisal and sale.  Pay now or pay later. * Your design professional is also responsible to design to current building codes.