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Neighborhood Kids Design Workshop

 Welcome to the Neighborhood Kids Design Workshop The Neighborhood Kids Design Workshop is a summer volunteer program led by Brazen Architecture. Their mission is to empower the young minds of Casa De Luz by providing them with a unique opportunity to unleash their creativity and redesign in their very own neighborhoods: Naked City and Sherwood Forest. Through engaging activities, the children  reflect on their surroundings, envisioning ways to enhance their community. This amazing opportunity encourages children to become active participants in shaping their environment.   As a volunteer at the final workshop, Natalie Perez, Designer at Sparkflight Studios, was there to motivate the children's flow of ideas and wishes for their neighborhood and community. Together, they transformed their aspirations into colorful expressions writing them on leaves that were hung onto the branches of the 'Wishing Tree'. At the end of the workshop, they all received goodie bags that Sparkfl