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LV Artist Registry

  Chance 1 , steel. 15”h x 14”w x 14”d. Las Vegas, NV 7/2016 Canal Study 2 , steel. 23”h x 28"w x 18"d. Las Vegas, NV 6/2016 --> It Becomes Her ; steel, thread, and nylon mesh. 7"h x 22"w x 8.5"d. Las Vegas, NV. 4/2016.      Canal Experience . 24’h x 26’w x 12’d. Un-built. 7/2016 -->   Periscope , steel and A/V equipment. 30’h x 2.5’w x 5’d. Hotel Zephyr at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, CA, 2016 -->    Shade Structure , steel. 16’h x 96’w x 42’d (4,000 sq ft). Clark County Government Center , Las Vegas, NV.   6/2010 - 11/2011. -->    RTC Streetscape Mural , printed wallpaper. Varies: 14’ to 26’h x 158’w (4,900 sq ft). Mobility Training Center, Las Vegas, NV. 4/2015 - 2/2016 --> RTC Interior Murals , printed wallpaper. 25’h x 232’w (4,900 sq ft). Mobility Training Center, Las Vegas, NV. 4/2015 - 2/2016 --> --> -->

RTC Mobility Training Center - Grand Opening

Entrance to the MTC It's been worth the wait!  After over three years of planning, designing and building, the RTC's Mobility Training Center (MTC) held its grand opening last week.  Our office contributed to 9,800 square feet of murals for the project.  We're excited to see how this asset to the community helps southern Nevadans gain greater independence with mobility and life skills.   Per the RTC's website, " Mobility training is meant to aid people in developing the confidence necessary to travel independently" on fixed route transit systems rather than relying on paratransit options. Read more about the project here... Jean Peyton opens Angela's House Angela's House is a bonus in the MTC.  Developed by Blindconnect , the "house" is accessed through a facade designed to look like an apartment building, and contains the rooms typically found in a residence such as living, kitchen, laundry, bedrooms, and bathroom.  Accordi