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Planting Day! Marble Manor Update

There was a fantastic turnout for Marble Manor's planting day on November 15th. Over 100 community members worked with Norm Schilling and crew to install desert landscape that looks, and smells, beautiful! We can hardly wait to see it blossom. This sensory-rich desert garden design provided by Schilling Horticulture was made possible by their leadership and contribution of both manpower and equipment. Many additional community partners contributed, such as SNAG , eagle scouts, Mountain State Nursery , Plant World Nursery , Ahern Rentals , Whiting Brothers - Rock City , Ewing Irrigation and the Nevada Shade Tree Council . Representatives from the multi-agency partnership all helped plant as well. Next up are the finishing touches to the exterior, including a new Community Center entrance, and interior improvements. Stay tuned...

Feasibility Consultation - Architecture

Do you find yourself considering a home or office construction project, but aren't sure how to proceed in today's market? Invest two-three hours* of your time with a professional architect, and investigate the design possibilities. We spend two hours at your property, prepare a brief report back at our office, and are available for an additional hour by phone to discuss the presented design options. Options may include renovations, additions or energy usage improvements. While at your property, we'll do a brief walkthrough, discuss your needs, and ask the key questions to assist with your planning. Report includes plan diagrams, preliminary construction cost estimates, and our directory of related service providers and professionals. Sample available upon request. *More extensive investigation and reports are quoted on an individual basis.

Getting the Word Out For Your Business: Black Mountain Chiropractic

Dr Olivia Lucero-Purdie approached us with her need for a quality brochure to promote her two business locations. We spent time discussing her needs, and came up with a tri-fold brochure-mailer. Now she has a professional and informative piece to share with existing clients, and to get the word out to new clients with a mail campaign. More information on eco-friendly options for business marketing materials... Eco-friendly attributes: -Multi-purpose product (brochure, mailer, able to attach business card) -No envelope required for mailings Take it a step further: -Use tree-free or 100% recycled paper stock (we can help you select stocks and green printers) -Use paperless e-mailing campaigns with services like Constant Contact or RatePoint (we can create text and images for you!) Visit Dr. Purdie’s practice at 127 Water Street in Downtown Henderson, or at the Las Vegas Injury Center 2820 W. Charleston, Suite 38. Contact Dr. Lucero-Purdie at (702) 614-7800.

Professional Experience

About Us Elevate your space with Sparkflight Studios! We are an award-winning, woman-owned, full-service architecture and design firm that will set your space apart from the ordinary. Since 2004, we have been providing collaborative, client-centered design that integrates sustainable practices into civic, commercial, multifamily residential, and public art projects. See our latest firm news here... GBCI LEED Professional Directory Staff Anne Johnson, LEED AP, Architect & Artist Lucian Laculeanu, Project Manager Melina Soto Clark,  Designer / Job Coordinator James Maurer, Designer Cindy Pavon, Intern Firm Certifications and Professional Credentials Nevada UCP DBE Certification  NV20235437NUCP (orig  NV01238UCPN) ( more ) Federal  SAM, ORCA, WBE  [DUNS 831707265 (AJA), 081036880 (SFS)] NAICS 541310: ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES NAICS 541430: GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES LEED AP NCARB AIA ULI Principal's Professional Experience Summary 2017-P

How to Make Your Business Marketing Eco-Friendly

There are many ways to ”green” your organization’s marketing and printed materials. Reducing waste and improving printing practices are a good start. When evaluating a new communications or promotional project, consider these five steps: 1. Planning 2. Paper 3. Bleaching 4. Ink 5. Press Planning Planning is key to greening your marketing materials. A first step to reducing paper waste is to use electronic or voice communications whenever possible. When printing is necessary, select materials and processes that minimize waste generation and impact on air and water quality. At the start of every project talk with your designer and printer about their eco-friendly practices. Allow schedule and budget for cradle-to-grave planning—thinking about the full life cycle of the piece: e.g., Can we use recycled or other eco-friendly paper? How will this piece be recycled or disposed of? What chemicals will deinking put back into the waste stream?. Even better, plan for cradle