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Murals Unfurled at RTC Mobility Training Center

Over a year and a half of efforts by our design team are coming to fruition with over 9,000 square feet of installed graphic murals! Red Rock Mural © 2015 Anne Johnson AIA Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada ( RTC ) is currently expanding their Sunset Maintenance Facility, including a 14,700 square foot Mobility Training Center designed by Gensler Nevada and constructed by Sletten Construction of Nevada .  The new training center will teach RTC's paratransit clients to move more independently throughout the city.  The Center is designed to simulate a person's interaction with the outside environment.  Obstacles and views that a person navigating the city will frequently encounter are included such as bus stops, ramps, commercial buildings, residential complexes, and the beautiful surrounding mountain ranges. Our studio designed 25-feet high interior murals to create a city street effect and also simulate the views a transit rider would see across the