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Energy-Saving Challenge To Love

Opower, in partnership with Facebook and NRDC , has established a social energy app that allows you to see how your energy use stacks up against friends and homes across the US.  Join groups and discover how you can save even more. This leadership challenge provides a path for everyone to be a winner with individual energy savings and positive results for the very air we breathe. Opower partnered with their first utility client in 2007 from a rented desk in San Francisco. Their purpose is to engage the millions of people who are in the dark about their energy use. “Our product platform now reaches more than 10 million homes in North America. Together with our clients and their customers, we're saving energy, saving money, and helping reduce global carbon emissions.” Get started now on Opower .  You can also try a home comparison without connecting to Facebook at the same link.  After your first pass, make sure to click the "Update home information" button for the most