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The Face of Climate Change

Our contribution for the 2013 Earth Day - Face of Climate Change mosaic.  See more images at the Earth Day Network website. This spring is the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day.  We're excited to participate in many ways.  For an astonishing glimpse of how our whole world is spreading the word about Earth Day, explore Earth Day Network's The Face of Climate Change campaign. You can also add your own image to the mosaic.   Our pledge every day is to cost-efficiently integrate green into our work for you, and review sustainable practices in our own office.   Quick Links: Earth Day Network EPA Pick5 Pick 5 is the U.S. government's official web portal to add up environmental action taken by individuals worldwide. The photo above is the outcome of a quick office brainstorming session.  We discussed the impact that we see in our local world from climate change and what actions we're taking. Impacts: more heat-longer summers, shorter winter, lake me

Urban Micro-Housing: A Path to Sustainable Livability

City of New York/Public Domain City of New York/Public Domain As populations worldwide become more urbanized, development of micro-housing that is both livable and sustainable for city dwellers, who tend to be single or couples, is more critical. Action based on New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg’s awareness of this reality resulted in an impressive outcome as briefly excerpted below from the press release . "adAPT NYC is a pilot program that was launched in July 2012 through a Request for Proposals to develop a new model of housing – micro-units. The proposals were evaluated on several criteria, including innovative micro-unit layout and building design. The ‘ My Micro NY ’ proposal excelled in this category, with features like generous 9’-10” floor-to-ceiling heights and Juliette balconies that provide substantial access to light and air. The micro-units developed as part of this pilot will measure between 250 and 370 square feet." The unit is innovative

Professional Services

Feasibility Study: Evaluation of existing conditions and proposed project concluding with a report of anticipated scope, cost and schedule. May include possibility of multiple phases of construction, resource use and lifecycle analysis.  Read more here... Design Package: Developed design plans with outline specification of materials and solutions for electrical/mechanical/ plumbing needs; construction details as necessary; permit requirements addressed. In-Depth Programming & Energy Need Analysis: Determine types and sizes of spaces required, including options for phased growth and community interface; calculate energy loads. Accessibility Consulting: Site and building reviews for accessibility, including 2010 ADA accessibility standards, building code, grading and drainage, and feasibility analysis for mitigation.  Read more here...   Fundraising Package: Create preliminary concept drawings, image and text for your website and any printed materials. LEED Certifica