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World Market Center: Trends & Styles in Interior Design

Walking into the World Market Center SFS recently had an office lunch at the Lou Ruvo Center before heading over to the World Market Center to view trends and styles in interior design. The SFS team observed several exhibits and was most excited at those that engaged the senses. To this point, the most extreme was TŌV’s “On Fleek” showroom— complete with an ice cream stand (and complimentary rosé). TŌV was an immersive experience in tactility, bold colors, and geometry. (Yes, plenty of millennial pink too). TŌV’s “On Fleek” showroom: candy, donuts, and Cardi B On the "Contemporary" floor there were several showrooms that allowed the team to investigate ways of combining materials and details of those mechanics:  How can brass and wood connect in sleek yet architectonic ways?  How can wood be used texturally?  More subdued than  TŌV, but still interesting was Four Hands’ showroom. Sleek design with a rustic palette defines their catalog. For example, the