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Earth Day 2023

Join us in celebrating Earth Day with these tips:   + Plant a tree   + Walk or ride a bike   + Use less paper   + Use reusable containers for water bottles   + Bring your own shopping bag   + Reduce, reuse, and recycle     Events in the area:   - UNLV Recyclin ’ Rebels Day -       - Spring Preserve Earth Day 2023 -     - City of North Las Vegas – Tree Planting and Park Clean Up -     - Be Knowledgeable - Take an Earth Day Quiz -   photo credit: Ginger Kelly 

Women of Sparkflight Studios

  Women Building Nevada Symposium Recap On March 31, 2023, the AIA Las Vegas Chapter hosted the annual Women in Architecture Building Nevada Symposium, at the Blind Center of Nevada. We were honored to have our staff participate during the breakout sessions. Gabrielle and Natalie joined the panel for the  "Early Career - Transitioning from School to Firms". Highlights from the discussion included: Individual experiences with job hunting. Involvement with organizations during school that helped with professional development (importance of networking, which oftentimes helps more than what's on your portfolio or resume). Things we wished we knew/worked on during school that would've been useful during this transition period (getting used to having focused work time vs. working sporadically throughout the day; putting yourself out there more/taking more chances; have a better understanding of construction documentation).  Session was with a smaller group of about 10-12 pe