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Black History Month

 Honoring Black History Month Photo from For the upcoming Black History month in February, check out some  local events  at the Neon Museum, Springs Preserve, and elsewhere. In the world of architecture, we celebrate the past and present with works by Paul Revere Williams.  According to the Nevada Museum of Art website, Mr. Williams was the first licensed African American architect to work in the western region of the United States, designing buildings in the 1920's through the 1970's. His work in Nevada spans from the 1930's through the 1970's. Locally, we can appreciate the Guardian Angel Cathedral and the lobby of the La Concha motel that is now the  Neon Museum  entrance. Explore more of Paul Revere Williams work via the Janna Ireland photography exhibit at the museum  website  or at .  Be sure to sign up for the Architectural Legacy of Paul R. Williams on February 22, 6pm - hosted by AIA Las Vegas.

Block Kids Lego competition!

Sparkflight Studios + NAWIC Las Vegas + Block Kids Thanks NAWIC - Las Vegas #74 for organizing a fabulous morning with the Block Kids Building Competition for grades K-6! The event creates awareness about construction careers and winners get to advance to regionals and then nationals. The Sparkflight Studios team volunteered and interacted with the participants during judging. So fun to see these young, creative minds at work—we are in such a cool industry!!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King and Black History Month "Life's most persistent and urgent question is,  'What are you doing for others?' " - Martin Luther King, Jr. (1957) After revisiting some thoughts from a few years back, this is a quote we are bringing forward this week in memory of Dr. King and his stand for social justice. In life, do our daily interactions treat others with kindness and dignity? Are we aware of and working to correct inequity? In our work of architecture and design, are we creating functional and beautiful spaces for our clients and those using the buildings and public spaces? What are we doing to enhance the lives of people in our community and the world?