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America Recycles Day - November 15

America Recycles Day was celebrated this weekend.  Even if you missed your local events, take a moment to refresh your recycling know-how with ARD's tips and more:  Get a service : sign up for Republic Services curbside pickup, or use Rebel Recyling as an alternative. Use in-home sorters : reusable containers make separating your paper, plastic, glass & metals easier on a daily basis. Use grocery drops: take batteries & plastic bags * to a drop-box at your local grocery ( Fresh & Easy , WholeFoods ). Recycle computers & peripherals:   Blind Center of Nevada serves the Las Vegas Valley. Find recycling locations: Earth 911 has a zip code search for drop boxes or specialty recycling. * Reusable is a better alternative to plastic.  Bring your own, or buy an affordable option in your grocery line. Mark your calendar for November 15 of next year!

2009 Green Building Reports

Report downloads: Green Building Market & Impact Report 2009 (GBMIR) USGBC Green Jobs Study 2009 (GJS) Some highlights: • By 2050 LEED projects should equate 1/2 of a carbon wedge . (GBMIR) • Green Construction projected to contribute $554 Billion, including $396 billion in wages, to U.S. GDP between 2009 and 2013. (GJS) •  “Our goal is for the phrase ‘green building’ to become obsolete, by making all building and retrofits green – and transforming every job in our industry into a green job,” said Rick Fedrizzi, president, CEO and founding chairman of USGBC. (GJS) • Despite economic flattening, LEED registered and certified floor area in 2009 is estimated to grow by over 40% compared to last year’s totals, for a cumulative total of over 7 billion square feet worldwide since the standard was launched in 2000. (GBMIR) • Total water savings from LEED through 2009 is estimated at 15 billion gallons, comprising 0.5% of annual non-residential water use. By 2030, LEED resu

Preview "Green Building Market & Impact Report"

FREE webinar Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 12:30pm EST This presentation promises to show how green building choices both provide a very high return on investment and a significant decrease in our environmental impact. During this 60 minute webinar a sneak-preview of the Green Building Market & Impact Report 2009 will be presented by the report’s author Robert Watson , Editor and industry leader. This report is an integrated assessment of the land, water, energy, material and indoor environmental impacts of the LEED for New Construction (LEED NC), Core & Shell (LEED CS) and Existing Building (LEED EB) standards. JohnsonDiversey President & CEO Ed Lonergan will also highlight the importance of sustainability in today’s business environment, offering insights and examples of the company’s work toward improving the sustainability of its customers’ facilities as well as its own. This presentation will detail JohnsonDiversey’s own focus on LEED