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Graphic Design Services

Let us enhance your business by applying our expertise. Our graphic services are provided by Anne Johnson, lead designer, and a select group of collaborative partners. Together, we offer design for print and digital media. Services include business identity packages, logos, promotional materials, event posters, custom stationery, websites, and custom illustration. We focus on design, our partners produce stellar product. Whatever your particular needs, our process and product will be spot on. If you have a preferred printer or webmaster, we're happy to work with them too. See our portfolio for some work samples. If you're looking for a specific example, just ask us!

Planting Day! Marble Manor Update

There was a fantastic turnout for Marble Manor's planting day on November 15th. Over 100 community members worked with Norm Schilling and crew to install desert landscape that looks, and smells, beautiful! We can hardly wait to see it blossom. This sensory-rich desert garden design provided by Schilling Horticulture was made possible by their leadership and contribution of both manpower and equipment. Many additional community partners contributed, such as SNAG , eagle scouts, Mountain State Nursery , Plant World Nursery , Ahern Rentals , Whiting Brothers - Rock City , Ewing Irrigation and the Nevada Shade Tree Council . Representatives from the multi-agency partnership all helped plant as well. Next up are the finishing touches to the exterior, including a new Community Center entrance, and interior improvements. Stay tuned...

Feasibility Consultation - Architecture

Do you find yourself considering a home or office construction project, but aren't sure how to proceed in today's market? Invest two-three hours* of your time with a professional architect, and investigate the design possibilities. We spend two hours at your property, prepare a brief report back at our office, and are available for an additional hour by phone to discuss the presented design options. Options may include renovations, additions or energy usage improvements. While at your property, we'll do a brief walkthrough, discuss your needs, and ask the key questions to assist with your planning. Report includes plan diagrams, preliminary construction cost estimates, and our directory of related service providers and professionals. Sample available upon request. *More extensive investigation and reports are quoted on an individual basis.

Getting the Word Out For Your Business: Black Mountain Chiropractic

Dr Olivia Lucero-Purdie approached us with her need for a quality brochure to promote her two business locations. We spent time discussing her needs, and came up with a tri-fold brochure-mailer. Now she has a professional and informative piece to share with existing clients, and to get the word out to new clients with a mail campaign. More information on eco-friendly options for business marketing materials... Eco-friendly attributes: -Multi-purpose product (brochure, mailer, able to attach business card) -No envelope required for mailings Take it a step further: -Use tree-free or 100% recycled paper stock (we can help you select stocks and green printers) -Use paperless e-mailing campaigns with services like Constant Contact or RatePoint (we can create text and images for you!) Visit Dr. Purdie’s practice at 127 Water Street in Downtown Henderson, or at the Las Vegas Injury Center 2820 W. Charleston, Suite 38. Contact Dr. Lucero-Purdie at (702) 614-7800.

Professional Experience

About Us Elevate your space with Sparkflight Studios! We are an award-winning, woman-owned, full-service architecture and design firm that will set your space apart from the ordinary. Since 2004, we have been providing collaborative, client-centered design that integrates sustainable practices into civic, commercial, multifamily residential, and public art projects. See our latest firm news here... GBCI LEED Professional Directory Staff Anne Johnson, LEED AP, Architect & Artist Lucian Laculeanu, Project Manager Melina Soto Clark,  Designer / Job Coordinator James Maurer, Designer Cindy Pavon, Intern Firm Certifications and Professional Credentials Nevada UCP DBE Certification  NV20235437NUCP (orig  NV01238UCPN) ( more ) Federal  SAM, ORCA, WBE  [DUNS 831707265 (AJA), 081036880 (SFS)] NAICS 541310: ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES NAICS 541430: GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES LEED AP NCARB AIA ULI Principal's Professional Experience Summary 2017-P

How to Make Your Business Marketing Eco-Friendly

There are many ways to ”green” your organization’s marketing and printed materials. Reducing waste and improving printing practices are a good start. When evaluating a new communications or promotional project, consider these five steps: 1. Planning 2. Paper 3. Bleaching 4. Ink 5. Press Planning Planning is key to greening your marketing materials. A first step to reducing paper waste is to use electronic or voice communications whenever possible. When printing is necessary, select materials and processes that minimize waste generation and impact on air and water quality. At the start of every project talk with your designer and printer about their eco-friendly practices. Allow schedule and budget for cradle-to-grave planning—thinking about the full life cycle of the piece: e.g., Can we use recycled or other eco-friendly paper? How will this piece be recycled or disposed of? What chemicals will deinking put back into the waste stream?. Even better, plan for cradle

Current Homeowner Trends - Fall 2008

Even as everyone is tightening their belts due to the economy, we're seeing some encouraging "green" trends with homeowner investments. (1) Investment in special features is topped by Energy Efficiency such as alternative and increased insulation. Approaches include SIPS (structural insulated panels), rigid or recycled batt insulation, retrofit blown-in insulation, and radiant barriers. Special function rooms aren't as popular, but home offices still top the list. Telecommuters and small businesses head this carbon-footprint-reducing trend. Home systems and technology purchases are motivated by Energy Management and Green Features including: solar panels, geothermal heating/cooling, water reclamation, air purification, and automated lighting controls. Additionally, 60-88% of respondents valued Home Energy Efficiency Products such as tankless water heaters, double- and triple-glazed windows, water-conserving devices, and recycled materials. Despite current financing

Green Baby Blues

After a month of living with a newborn son, I've been struck by just how non-Eco-friendly having a baby is. The amount of water consumption and ability to create gobs of waste are especially troubling.  Of course, we're thrilled to have our new little tyke for other reasons! Here are a few ways we've found to reduce that footprint: 1) reuse clothing through our personal network and resale stores such as Kid to Kid , 2) use cloth/reusable diapers ( FuzziBuns is our favorite), 3) invest in Energy Star low water and power use equipment for all of that laundry you'll be doing, 4) use a solar dryer when possible, 5) use gently used furnishings--and pay it foward when you're done with them, 6) take advantage of all that time at home and create your own food via gardening and composting (the best local produce you can get!), and 7) use a toy subscription like Baby Plays (makes a great gift too).

Project ecoBrand Business Mixer

Las Vegas Green Drinks is a proud participant with Project ecoBrand's Business Mixer. Hope to see you there! Green Business Mixer & Expo will be at Springs Preserve on Thursday, August 14, 2008. "The event is designed as an interactive experience focused on raising awareness for our environmental challenges and discovering the latest solutions for green business and eco living." Eco-friendly products & services to be showcased include: building materials, energy efficient home and office solutions, landscaping, transportation, renewable energy/alternative power, recycling, and green lifestyle products (organic foods, health & wellness, and others). Learn more. Sign up.

Green Drinks Celebration

Come celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of Las Vegas Green Drinks !! Bring your business' promotional items for our Green Goodie bags. All guests will have the opportunity to give a 30 second commercial. Appetizers & a No-Host Bar will be available. Our new signature drink will be debuted too! When: Thursday, July 10, 6:00PM to 7:30PM Where: McMullan's Irish Pub , 4650 W. Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV 89103 (across from the Orleans) More Info: (international organization) ********** Green Drinks is a FREE networking group that creates awareness about eco-conscious businesses and concerns in Las Vegas. Businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations participate, educate and connect to promote a greener world. Come to a meeting and build new relationships. All are welcome to attend, and to invite others to attend.

Simple Steps to Green Living

Looking for quick, daily tips to Green your life? Two easy-to-use subscription services will deliver them right to your Inbox! Simple Steps is a new initiative by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) for people who are looking for easy, everyday actions they can do to protect our health, our homes -- and our planet. Whether you have a minute, a morning, or a month, you can take simple steps in your life to really make a difference. ( from NRDC website ) Ideal Bite offers bite-sized ideas for light green living – ideas for real people who lead busy lives and want to make small changes that add up to big results. Daily Tips cover everything from biodynamic wine to eco-pet products to organic cosmetics. The secret sauce? A spoonful of “incremental environmentalism” combined with a keeping-it-real attitude. ( from Ideal Bite website )

Al Gore is staying busy with climate change action. The latest effort from The Alliance for Climate Protection is their WE campaign. It offers a one-stop location for current news, action alerts and solutions. On-the-go activists can even sign up for text alerts. We've signed up. Check it out!! WE campaign

Marble Manor Murals

Artists Dayo Adelaja and Mark Melnick have completed Phase One of the Marble Manor Enhancement Project. Bland, blank walls are banished after community members worked with them to create these space-transforming murals. Our portion of the work (architecture and landscape enhancements) is scheduled for a tentative grand opening in September 2008. Contact Anne Johnson, AIA if you'd like to be involved in this project as a Community Partner! Contributions of labor and materials are needed.

Going Solar & Phantom Loads

If you’re thinking about converting to solar energy, one of the first steps is to assess and downsize your current energy usage. Your technology investment will yield a bigger payoff when it can cover a larger percentage of your home or business’ total energy load. One of the quickest ways to do this is to reduce phantom energy loads – the electricity used when appliances are plugged in but turned off. Using a power strip for collections of appliances (your audio-visual components or home office equipment), and switching it off when not in use can make a noticeable reduction in utility bills. Using energy efficient large appliances and heating/cooling systems is also key. Here are a couple of tools: The Home Energy Diet by Author Paul Scheckel Scheckel advocates for a “Triple A” approach: Awareness of the ways your home uses and loses energy, Assessment of your home's energy requirements, and Action taken to reduce energy consumption to a minimum. Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage

Earth Day 2008

Enjoy our beautiful world today. Take one day this week to contact your congressperson about an earth issue dear to you. Here's one tip from Architecture 2030: TODAY'S THE DAY! Call Congress Today to Call for a Moratorium on Coal 1) Click here for the names of your congresspersons 2) Call them at 202.224.3121 3) Ask for an immediate Moratorium on Coal

Marble Manor - City of Las Vegas

The Marble Manor Enhancement Project is a public housing partnership between Metro, the City of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs, Housing Authority of the City of Las Vegas, and the Las Vegas Arts Commission. Green design elements include solar-powered exterior lighting, daylighting at the new playground entrance, xeriscaping, 100% recycled plastic benches and salvaged concrete paving. Currently the project consists of two mural projects, architectural enhancements to improve appearance and use of the Community Center/Playground, and the addition of a Reading Garden to support the "Success by Six" program. Anne Johnson, AIA is pleased to be working with the City of Las Vegas as Project Architect. More to come...

What is a Green Architect?

A green, or ecological architect, works to more effectively adapt to and integrate with nature's processes. (1) This firm is committed to designing architecture and graphics that inspire you, add to your bottom line, and reduce impact on the environment. Design for results: Energy efficiency Recycled & renewable materials Healthy indoor environment Connection to nature Benefit from rebates & lower operating costs Eco-optimized inks, stocks, and processes As firm principal, and a LEED Accredited Professional , I'm qualified to lead you through the process of achieving measurable success in building sustainably. Discover how design can support living lightly by 'greening' your home or business. (1) see Ecological Design by Sim Van Der Ryn, 1996

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Green Design and Business Trends Blog Online

Check back here for posts on current Green Design and Business trends. Anne Johnson, AIA is an architecture and graphics studio focused on integrating sustainable practices into residential, commercial and civic projects. Services include design and LEED consulting. We provide Client-Centered Sustainable Solutions.