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Bring in the Bucks - Greener Vegas

Pepsi's Refresh Project - Good Idea grant could have a local recipient in Greener Vegas .  Your vote can make the difference. Incorporated in 2007 by Zachary Delbex-Smith, the company works to enable business and educate community about the possibilities of repurposing reusable materials.  After years of working in the convention industry, Greener Vegas' founder became convinced that there was a way to keep much of the post-show debris out of the landfill. His vision has evolved into a business that diverts these resources into the hands of businesses, nonprofits, schools, theater groups, community programs, artists, and manufacturers. Over 50% of the $250,000 grant would go to staffing.  That's jobs for Las Vegans!   Here are the goals of " What’s Waste in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!" : Reduce the carbon foot-print of the convention industry. Divert reusable items into community, creating a closed loop system. Create sustainable “green” jobs for vets &