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Rochelle Aquino, Designer

Anne Johnson, AIA architecture and graphics studio is pleased to have Rochelle Aquino on board and actively engaged in multiple ongoing projects.    Rochelle is a versatile designer with a background in education and healthcare administration.  Her design skills encompass graphic and interior design, and work experience includes interfacing with small business and the broad perspective of the ASID Design Salon at World Market Center. A graduate of The Art Institute of Las Vegas, Aquino completed a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, a CIDA Accredited institution.   Her sketching, rendering, and 3D modeling skills are being used in the Winchester Cultural Center - Dance Studio addition currently in studio, while her ArchiCAD technology skills have aided our work on the Lewis Building.   Aquino is drawing on her space planning, sustainable materials, and color theory specialties for input on the remodeling of five scattered SNRHA houses.   Her enthusiasm, creativity, and appre