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Transforming Furniture

Nendo's nest shelf allows users to expand unit to desired width. Micro Living has made an impact in North America. Many are choosing to give up their large living space for a home that is less than 1,000 square feet.   The increasing appeal of Micro-Housing can be attributed to many wanting to minimize their mortgage, reduce carbon footprint, and enjoy portability, as seen on previous blog Rural Micro-Housing – Could you live in 572 SF? ,   or the desire to be in a dense city fabric as discussed on Urban Micro-Housing: A Path to Sustainable Livability . Although some are choosing to give up space, comfort and luxury do not have to be lost.   Some companies such as Nendo and  Resource Furniture , are designing incredible, sustainable, transforming furniture.   We no longer have to give up comfort and luxury due to space limitations. Resource Furniture’s unique multifunctional, transforming furniture line has a variety of Wall Beds, Transforming Tables, Seating an