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Packaging gets a Green-Lift

In recent months, we've noticed a trend in retail packaging design: less is more! No longer limited to eco-boutiques, it's thrilling to see mainstream manufacturers and big box retailers adopting eco-friendly packaging practices. The goal: Less in the Landfill. What we're seeing out on the shelves: Elimination of plastic and shrink-wrap Smaller product labeling (recyclable & recycled, of course) Product labeling attached with biodegradable hemp or jute string (instead of plastic loops) Reusable packaging (paperboard and tins - for refills and repurposing) Compostable bags and clam-shells Flat packs Less on-shelf packaging means effort must be invested on the back-end with protective shipping design. However, this need can be met with recycled and biodegradable products such as Geami Protective Packaging System and compostable cornstarch peanuts*. Get in-depth info about reducing secondary packaging, and more, from the pros on Sustainable is Good . As a consumer, you