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Construction Updates at Wardelle Street Townhouses

Viewing south at our Wardelle Street Townhouses project as buildings near completion. Affordable housing is needed now more than ever due to the impact of COVID-19. Our Wardelle Street Townhouses project for the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority provides 57 affordable units to a market in need. Access to stable, decent, affordable, and accessible housing is essential for one's wellbeing. Late afternoon light illuminates the west facade of Building 1. Landscaping is in place along parts of Wardelle Street.

Veterans Day 2020

  Jasper Johns    Flag , 1967  Thank you to our veterans.

Affordable Housing Update

430 Pico Affordable Housing, Brooks + Scarpa The impact of COVID-19 has been especially severe on low-income and those of modest economic means, and the lack of affordable housing places additional pressure on house prices and rent rates, further eroding affordability. Attaining a vibrant housing market depends heavily on whether the market can provide a broader and more affordable range of housing options for tomorrow’s households. As reported on Habitat for Humanity’s website , based on a 2019 report: “The latest data shows that nearly 38 million households nationwide — 31.5% of all households — are paying more than 30% of their incomes on housing. That’s 20.5 million renters and 17.3 million homeowners. This is just a slight half-percentage point drop from the previous year. Homeowners saw nearly all of the modest improvement, while a near-record share of renters — 47.4% — still face unaffordable rents. In the nation’s hottest housing market areas, those struggling with unaffordabil